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Don't Point (2018)


A newly assigned Homicide Detective Taylor is partnered up with Veteran Detective Tim Greenwood on his first homicide case. The excessive murdering of police informants and the manner in which they are killed forces the two detectives to hit the streets. As they search the streets for answers, they both figure out that this day is not going the way they wanted it to. 

Bryan Bostic

Greg K. Sorenson ... Detective Tim Greenwood
Michael GeoVonni Young ... Detective Taylor
Brian Brown ... Dexter Johnson
Leon Davis ... Lil Tancc
Tash Criss ... Rodney Jenkins' Mother
Benn Bostic Jr. ... Rodney (Lil Loco)Jenkins
Maurice Lockhart ... Gangster #1
Paul Finau ... Gangster#2
Arya Williams ... CSI Agent
Bryan Bostic ... Sheriff#1

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